Nandhini Caterers: All-new catering experiences

Nandhini Caterers welcomes you to an all-new catering experience unlike nothing you’ve ever seen before! For the past 5 years, we’ve been able to give hundreds of our clients truly remarkable food, drinks, services and much more. Due to this, we’ve become incredibly humbled by the praise we’ve received from these clients.

As a small way to give thanks to our clients, we’ll be talking about the mission, vision and core values that we’ve used. After all, without these powerful beliefs, we will never accomplish anything and make them happy. 

Mission statement

  • To give high-quality catering services.
  • To share high-quality blogs that guide those who visit our website. 
  • To create happy memories for our clients through our fun and exciting events.

Vision statement

A leading catering company that creates happy memories for millions of clients around the globe through our meals, drinks, services and helpful blogs.

Core values

Like many things in life, our mission and vision can never be a reality without core values that guide us. For without them, we’d be left not knowing what our next move will be every day or during times of trouble. 

The following core values below are written on our board to remind us every day on what we can do to succeed.


Safety is the first one we value. This is because we frequently handle consumables and electronics. Should we fail with handling these things, long-term problems in our services will surely come.

To help ensure safety, we’ve created a branch in the company that looks over all our activities. This assures that you and your guests can have a safe and fun experience when using our offered services.


An important thing we’ve come up with is creativity. With creativity, we give ourselves the opportunity to create unique and memorable moments with our clients. To ensure we’ve become more creative. 

Our teams are frequently sent to various seminars so they can take home new and exciting ideas to add to our portfolio of services. So for every opportunity you work with us, you’d find something new to expect from us.


Passion is the fuel that drives us every day. This allows us to work, create and overcome challenges much better. To fuel the fires of our team’s passion, we frequently remind ourselves of the successes we’ve had over the years. This reminds us that though challenges can come, victories always come forth like before.


Like the meals and drinks we offer, we want a diverse team to work with us. With talented people with unique backgrounds at the helm of our work, new ideas are sure to come up and make the lives of our clients better. So if you see yourself growing with us, we’d love to have you no matter where you’re from.